DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing in Jacksonville

As a DOT-regulated organization, you must be aware of the drug screening requirements you are legally required to meet. This can be difficult given the complexity of the testing regulations and the regular changes to policies.

If your business is charged with transporting goods or people or performing other similar safety-sensitive roles, it’s likely that you are covered under DOT drug screening rules. DOT Physical Doctors can help you understand your responsibilities.

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DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing

If your organization is covered under the Department of Transportation, or DOT, there are certain drug testing requirements you must meet. DOT Physical Docs is seasoned in following DOT testing requirements when designing and carrying out workplace drug testing programs.

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If you fall under DOT testing requirements, DOT Physical Docs can help you conduct your pre-employment drug testing efficiently. We will take the worry and headache out of making sure you are in compliance. Let us:

  1. Determine if the position you are hiring for falls under DOT testing requirements
  2. Educate you on the rules and regulations for pre-employment DOT testing
  3. Take the steps to ensure all new drivers comply under federal DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements by conducting your pre-employment drug testing.

Accurate DOT Alcohol Screening

DOT Physical Docs is a trusted partner for DOT alcohol screening. We have extensive experience in conducting DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing for organizations of all sizes. Our knowledge extends to the ins and outs of alcohol screening for DOT-regulated businesses.

Breath Alcohol Testing

DOT Physical Docs employs trained Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) and Screening Testing Technicians (STTs) who conduct all breath alcohol testing. We are able to provide on-site or mobile alcohol screening as well as testing for all scenarios — pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident and return to duty testing.

Trust our BATs and STTs to provide professional, compliant collections services.

Saliva Alcohol Testing

We also deliver accurate, expedited results with saliva alcohol testing. This non-invasive collection procedure can be used to detect alcohol use as well as use of commonly-abused drugs. Our collections specialists are trained to properly conduct saliva alcohol tests, providing you with reliable, legal results.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Drug Testing

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is dedicated to improving the safety of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and saving lives. If your organization is regulated by the FMCSA, then you are required to follow their regulations for drug testing. DOT Physical Docs can help you navigate these complex laws and implement an FMCSA drug testing program that ensures your compliance.

For more information on how DOT Physical Docs can help you with FMCSA drug or alcohol testing, contact today!

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